Rogers LS3/5a BBC Speakers

Rogers LS3/5a BBC Speakers
Rogers LS3/5a BBC Speakers
Rogers LS3/5a BBC Speakers
Rogers LS3/5a BBC Speakers
Rogers LS3/5a BBC Speakers
Rogers LS3/5a BBC Speakers
Rogers LS3/5a BBC Speakers
Rogers LS3/5a BBC Speakers
Rogers LS3/5a BBC Speakers

Rogers LS3/5a BBC Speakers

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Rogers LS3/5A BBC speakers are widely considered one of the most influential monitor designs of all time and redefined what is possible from a small cabinet. Handcrafted to the broadcaster's specifications using a blend of modern components and original materials, the new Rogers LS3/5A 15 ohm is the reference BBC speaker by which all others are compared. 

If the cabinet is not tuned correctly, the sound reproduced will never be correct

· Critically damped 12mm Russian birch ply enclosure
· Hardwood beech fillets
· Balanced natural wood veneers
· 12mm birch ply baffle
· Beautiful black Tygan grille
· Walnut, Rosewood, and Olive finish as standard
· Other finishes available, please contact us.

Measurements only take you part of the way because you cannot measure emotion

· Single-layer one-ounce copper track fibreglass PCB
· M6 laminated transformer cored crossover inductors
· M6 laminated transformer cored autotransformer
(for tweeter level matching)
· High voltage Metalized capacitors
· All components hand soldered with silver solder

Sometimes what you cannot see is just as important as what you can

· Mylar dome tweeter with kraft Nomex voice coil former
· Doped Bextrene cone bass unit
· Hand-finished and painstakingly pair matched in the UK at Rogers
· Every pair's measurements are recorded and stored against its serial no allowing for easy driver replacement in the future if required

The smallest of details don't make a small difference; they make all the difference

· Single-wire, 4mm multi-contact sockets
· Sockets are silver-plated for the best connection
· Choice of beautiful real-wood book-matched veneers.
· Finishes: rosewood, walnut and olive. Bespoke veneer and colours are available at extra cost. Contact us for a quote.
· Handmade by master-craftsman

LS3/5a Specifications

· System type: Two-way infinite baffle
· Frequency response: 80Hz-20KHz +/-3dB
· Nominal Impedance: 15 Ohms
· Bass/midrange: 110mm Bextrene cone
· Tweeter: 19mm Mylar dome
· Crossover frequency: 3KHz
· Sensitivity: 82.5dB/W/M
· Finish: Walnut, Rosewood and Olive
· Grille: Black Tyga
· Dimensions: 305 x 190 x 165mm (HxWxD)
· Weight: 4.9Kg (each speaker)
· Recommended amplifier range 30-80 Watts

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